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Ray C. Freeman III is an architect, artist, entrepreneur, and musician, and has pursued these endeavors simultaneously since graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) with a Master in Architecture degree in 1982. He lives in the Stargate Residence with his wife, Amy.

In that time, he as run several business, including WORKSHOP 3D, CyberToys, Architects on Line, and WORKSHOP 3D again, this time as an Augmented Reality Studio. He is the bass player for The Jaydogs.

Ray served as Board Member, President, Treasurer, and Publisher at Seattle's non-profit Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) from 2007-2022. His most satisfying and lasting accomplishment was the publication of fifty catalogs and books through the organization.

Ray has received two Citations from the American Institute of Architects, and taught at the University of Washington, the Boston Architectural Center, and the Harvard GSD's Career Discovery Program.

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