Recent Residential Work

These projects were done after the closure of WORKSHOP 3D Design Studio, working alone for individual clients. To some extent, they represent an effort to develop a more consistent and unique architectural vocabulary or signature "style" than had previous been in place at the firm, where there were multiple voices and vision that informed our work.

This new direction was based on an exploration of the juxtaposition or interpretation of tradition forms with more contemporary materials, details, and rules of composition.

Ballard Residence
Multi-family residence with flexible unit demarcation on a small lot over existing footprint
Stargate Residence
My own home, exploring the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary imagery
Sand Point Residence
New SIPS house over existing foundation, including second floor addition
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Unbuilt Residential Projects

Unbuilt works, especially when the project is abandoned early in the design process, are often highly concentrated design gems in the rough. These designs appear in their pure form, unadulterated by the limitation of budget and the realities of construction.

As with the built works above, these were done on my own after my architectural firm had closed.

How fun it would be to see how these would have ended up.

Georgetown Cottage
A backyard cottage over an existing garage treated as a landscape folly
Bryant Residence
A new house organized by a central fireplace that skewers the plan on the diagonal
Belvedere Residence
A second story addition to an existing home, where the roof line unifies the elevations
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Projects with Castanes Architects

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For several years, I ran my office out of a desk at Castanes Architects, P.S., even though I didn't work for the firm. However, on occasion I helped out with I.T., drawings, and  even collaborated on projects with Jim.

The Hood Canal Cabin has been much published in books and magazines, and even though the folks on reddit don't believe it, it's really off the grid. It features it's own well and composting toilet, and although there's a generator, most of the lighting is propane lanterns.

The modern interior is a house built by our good friend and my mentor Peter Bilder, currently occupied by his daughter, for whom we executed this project.

Hood Canal Cabin
Much published off-the-grid vacation cabin floating above the ground on concrete pillars.
Edmonds Modern Redux
Conversion of the lower floor of a classic modern house into a separate residence.
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Thematic Clubhouses

Two similar projects done several years apart, where the style of the building was prescribed by the client to complement an existing or pre-designed community.

The New Kent Clubhouse was done as Director of Design at Mike Rosen Architects in Philadelphia for a developer client who was a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Renton Clubhouse was done as a consul- tant to Stephenson Design Collective in Seattle for another aesthetically pre-disposed client.

New Kent Clubhouse
New clubhouse building for a new residential community in Pennsylvania
Renton Clubhouse
New clubhouse building for an existing 500 unit apartment complex
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Mixed Use and Hotel Projects

My office was never big enough to tackle a project of this scale, but I got these opportunities as a design consultant to other firms. At Mike Rosen Architects, we worked with developers who did projects of all scales, and Mike himself was invested in these Wildwood projects.

In 2010, BHA in Beijing was short-listed in the competition for a very high profile project only a few blocks from the Great Hall of the People and Tiananmen Square. There was one special requirement that benefited me. They had to bring in a famous American architect to work on the design.

Wangfujing Mixed Use Project
A shopping and entertainment complex with hotel, on a full city block in Beijing. Designed in 20 days in Beijing.
Wildwood Luxury Hotel
A 1000 room hotel on the approach to Wildwood, New Jersey. With restaurants, pools, and other amenities.
Wildwood Boardwalk Project
Retail, apartment, and movie complex on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, over existing apartment building.
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WORKSHOP 3D Retail Projects

Our first retail project was all about infrastructure. At the Zebraclub, individual manufacturers provide their own 100 s.f. displays within an overall environment that has to hold it all together. In the end, some of the vendors hired us to design their fixtures and displays, as well.

This approach informed all of our later retail projects, regardless of who was designing the fixtures. We set up the system first, and then filled it in with fixtures, vignettes, backdrops, displays, cash desks, dressing rooms, and more.

Our first retail project, which we designed and built with Marvin Wetzel's help.
Mr. Rags
13 stores throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado
OMSI Science Store
An outreach store for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland
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WORKSHOP 3D Residential Projects

These residential projects were each very unique, based on their circumstances, their sites, and the needs and desires of the clients.

At this point, we were promoting our skill as problem solvers, but still had a keen interest in developing an appropriate and consistent visual vocabulary.

Numerous small residential projects, remodels, additions, cabins, and other projects were done between 1986 and 1996 with Izzie Lewis, Doug Drape, Betsy Manger, and others in the office.

Whidbey Island Residence
A.I.A. Citation winning design for a single family residence on a bluff, with Doug Drape
Oysterville Residence
A new house in a Landmark town tested the viability of the historic guidelines
Oysterville Barn
A.I.A. Citation winning adaptive re-use of an historic barn as a single family residence
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Pre-WORKSHOP 3D Projects

Roanoke Reef Rowhouses
Nine row houses on Lake Union as Director of Design at Ibsen Nelsen and Associates
Museum of Flight
Responsible for creating first set of construction documents on the firm's new CAD system
Sackler Addition to the Fogg
Detailing of the exterior for James Stirling while at Perry Dean Rogers & Partners
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Before starting WORKSHOP 3D (originally with Peter Greaves) in 1986, I worked on a number of significant projects in other architectural firms in Boston and Seattle.

I was extremely lucky that the management at Perry Dean discovered that I was a big fan of James Stirling, and put me on the project to detail the exterior of the building. As a junior employee, I didn't get to meet the man until the very end of the project, but I got to send my questions into meetings in the meanwhile!

Theoretical/School Projects

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hone my skills at the Harvard Graduate School of Design for three and half years, largely under the mentorship of Alex Kreiger, who encouraged me to push myself and my ideas to the extreme.

Also influential were Stephanie Mallis, and her project "in the style of James Stirling", bad boys Wes Jones and Neil Denari, and of course, Val Warke, who was, among other things, bemused by my antics.

These are two of my favorites.

Beach Machines
Eight houses on the beach featuring multi-functional modular construction
Land Reclamation Center
Labs and housing on the site of a defunct phosphate strip mine in central Florida
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