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Ballard Residence

Originally purchased in 1997, this 1908 Ballard has had no light switches, only pull chains. The kitchen with a circa 1950's electric stove. The heating was provided by a single large electric box wall mounted heater in the living room.

The house was sited 16 inches from the west property line and, give the narrow lot config-

uration, any development was by necessity going to be a remodel in order to maintain the existing width of the structure.

The existing house was raised with steel beams and hydraulic jacks, the lowest floor demolished, the site excavated underneath the house to allow for a full lower floor, and a new foundation and

floor framing system was put in place. The house was lowered onto this new foundation and the top floor walls and roof replaced with a new two story structure.

The roof line and siding scheme was designed to both give a long lasting maintenance free finish, and to invoke a bit of Ballard maritime heritage.

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