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WORKSHOP 3D: Augmented Reality

In 2017, after years of working with 3D computer applications and developing software for others, I decided to re-purpose my previous brand "WORKSHOP 3D" as an Augmented Reality Studio, together with Jayden Shagam and Jeff Mihalyo, in order to create mobile Augmented Reality apps for artists, galleries, museums, and other clients,

Since then, we have produced a number of apps, some on our own and others for clients, including the Quincy Valley Historical Society and Museum and Grant and Chelan County PUDs.

Although I am now the sole proprietor at WORKSHOP 3D, Jayden and Jeff remain on board in senior positions, ready to help out when appropriate projects come along.

For more information on Augmented Reality development, visit

Previous Software Development

Throughout my career as an architect, I have been an innovative user of technology. On occasion, I have needed to customize or even create software in order to do what I want with it. This established my reputation as an architect who was not only familiar but comfortable with technology.


My official connect with technology started as an Autocad teacher for Davis Straub's Personal Workstations in Seattle. When Davis and Sonny Langstraadt started Generic Software, they asked me to write the documentation for their new product, Generic CADD. Eventually, I wrote some add-ins to the main product line, and some of these were licensed by Generic. When Generic Software was acquired by Autodesk, that turned me into an Autodesk consultant.

Through my relationship with Autodesk, I was introduced to LEGO, for whom I created LEGO CAD and LEGO Designer with Peter Acker and John Sullivan, and was asked to create a virtual tour of the White House for the White House Historical Association. These projects were done through a new company, CyberToys, Inc.

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