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Oregon Film Museum

Since 2010, I have been involved with OFM through Interplay Experience Design. I have played a role in all three exhibition iterations.

At one point, I found myself in the jail for three days writing with white chalk on the very rough concrete walls while my collaborator John Ambrosavage drew enormous colorful figures.

For the current exhibits, I created the software that allows you to film your own movie clips on the green screen sets at the museum.

LEGO Painting Robots

In 2015, I got the idea to create a number of autonomous painting robots for display at outdoor festivals. The idea was that I would program the robots with movement instructions, including turning around at the edge of the painting and making pseudo-random turns and movements so that I would have no idea how the resulting paintings would turn out.

The results were pretty amazing.

SIPA Booths

Through a long-standing relationship with SIPA Director Bill Wachtler, I designed SIPA Booths for the International Builders' Shows in Las Vegas and Orlando that were used twice each, once in each location, for a total of six years worth of shows.

These got more complex as time went on, eventually settling on a theme of "if we can do THIS with SIPS, we can do your project".

CoCA Publications

In 2009, David Francis proposed and received a grant from Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to produce an exhibition of outdoor sculpture at Seattle's Carkeek Park. Part of that grant included the publication of a catalog of the show, which I designed and which was produced as a letterpress edition by Carol Clifford.

This catalog became the impetus for a series of fifty publications that I produced as CoCA Publisher over the next ten years.

After a one year break, I have returned to CoCA to produce publications and more as CoCA's Volunteer Publishing Agent.

CoCA's publications are available here.

TEDx Support

Ever since I cut the giant word "SEATTLE" out of foam core board for the first TEDx in Seattle, I have been involved in the lobby activities, through Interplay Experience Design, where CEO Rob Hyman is also Executive Producer of Audience Experiences.

These have ranged from simple games, to a new panoramic viewer called SecondSight, to Augmented Reality experiences developed through my AR company, WORKSHOP 3D.

Since this year's event is virtual, I once again participated in the development of stage props, this time for the hosts's video background.

3D Printing

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A few years ago, I saw a Kickstarter for a $100 3D printer. I told Miguel Edward about it, but I told him I was skeptical. He handed me $100 and said "buy it". I didn't, and the Kickstarter went bust (not my fault). However, a legitimate $100 printer came along and I bought it and was hooked.

When that one wore out, Miguel bought me another one, a Creality Ender 3, which is a much better printer. In addition to my own artwork and jewelry, I have been printing for both personal and commercial applications.

If you need something 3D printed, drop me a line. I just might be your guy.

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