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Gridlock Series 3D Printed Artwork

As with much of my work, the aesthetic of these pieces is a reflection of the medium and technology. As a 3D printer is limited in scale, I decided to work with a "kit of parts" approach. This is a natural for me, as I am very keen on articulation. I like to let things be what they want to be. The frame, the panels, the spacers, and the clips each have their role. My intent is for them to all work together in one seamless system, of course.

I often work with repurposed imagery in my work, so as to give you an entry point into the  experience. The spacers between the panels are intended to recall a USGS map, lunar moon photos, concrete formwork, and other markers of modular composition. The frame, traditionally added outside the main image, in this case is itself broken down into pieces by the corner clips, which, being of the same material and color of the spacers, integrate the frame back into the work. These elements are common, in different color schemes, to all of the pieces in the series.

The panels themselves explore different themes for each piece. Each piece is a one-off, and even though I sometimes use the same panel designs, I re-arrange them, change their colors, mix and match, or make other alterations to make each piece unique.

Gridlock Series: Mini Edition

Smaller versions (6" x 6") of my Gridlock pieces made for those of you who already have so much art work that you don't have much space for more, of maybe for those who want to display several at a time!


Various publications I have created, including a monograph of my (mostly) architectural work, and the catalog for an augmented reality gallery show I did for CoCA. 


Additional publications I have created for Center on Contemporary Art can be found here.


My 3D printed necklaces and earrings are for sale at my Etsy shop, called "Filamentals". There you will find numerous different color combinations and themes. I am adding new variations there on a regular basis.

You can also buy my jewelry in person in Seattle at Columbia City Gallery in Columbia City, Seattle.

Shown here are a few of the many options.

Octothorpe CDs

Octothorpe was formed in 2001 by Aaron Ondek (Stubs), John Ambrosavage (Mad Dog) and me (Spud) to enter the Song Fight! competition with the song "Been to China", which we won.

Over the next five years, we were an active participant in the fights, and our first live performance was at Song Fight! Live: Plain and Tall, in Lancaster, PA. We hosted in Seattle the next year.

Although the activity of the band has waned, I have continued to be involved in Song Fight! as Fightmaster Sr.

Warning: Octothorpe is an acquired taste.

Promotional Products

I'm involved, in one way or another, with a number of companies, organizations, bands, groups, etc. I create and collect various promotional products from these groups, including coffee cups, t-shirts, etc. Sometimes I just make products for my own fun and amusement.

Up until now, many of these have been one-offs, but now you can join me in these collections. If I make any money from your purchase, I will send it to the appropriate parties. Trust me.

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