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Octothorpe's second CD, including 22 of your favorite Octothorpe Song Fight! entries and covers of other Song Fighters' songs.

It's A Shame

  • Track List

    It's A Shame My Binoculars Don't Work At Night
    My Sister
    Indie Rock Bottom
    Experimental Fashion
    Floating Bridge
    Rot To Fill
    On My Block
    World of Screens
    Skylen (with Patrick Clayton)
    Top Drawer
    Grandfather Sword
    Bad Dreams
    Don't Dance (cover of Kompressor)
    Poison Pill
    Red Robot (cover of Hoblit)
    Postcard (featuring Patrick Clayton)
    Criminal Charges
    Funny Enough For You
    Back To The Airplanes
    Totally Digging Your Mom

  • Shipping Info

    Your CD will be shipped by USPS within five days of order. You should have it within ten or so.

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