Public Collaborations

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I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists in both a conceptual and technical capacity.

My background as an architect and my command of technology has allowed me to assist these artists in realizing their visions, and in some cases, I have helped them to shape it.

I maintain an ongoing collaborative relationship with Miguel Edwards, and we have some upcoming projects you're going to love!

Frequency Unknown
Lobby of Broadcast Building with Miguel Edwards and Jonathan Womack (F.E.W.)
Perseus II, etc.
Numerous Collaborations with artist Miguel Edwards as tech and design consultant
Big Brother, etc.
Numerous collaborations with artist Alan Fulle, including this projector in the woods
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Small Series Works

Rarely are my smaller pieces one-offs. My creative ideas often have to do with systems or relationships between elements that I like to explore in multiples, re-arranging or modifying the same or similar elements for several pieces before I move on.

To purchase any of the current series artworks, visit my Shop or for my jewelry, visit my Etsy page.

Gridlock Series
3D printed artworks involving nine panels, exploring various subjects
Far and few between, but always in multiples. This is from a series of four
Sculptural recreations of Edward Gorey's creations, this one with Peppé
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