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Public Collaborations

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I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists in both a conceptual and technical capacity.

My background as an architect and my command of technology has allowed me to assist these artists in realizing their visions, and in some cases, I have helped them to shape it.

I maintain an ongoing collaborative relationship with Miguel Edwards, and we have some upcoming projects you're going to love!

Small Series Works

Rarely are my smaller pieces one-offs. My creative ideas often have to do with systems or relationships between elements that I like to explore in multiples, re-arranging or modifying the same or similar elements for several pieces before I move on.

To purchase any of the current series artworks, visit my Shop or for my jewelry, visit my Etsy page.

Collaborations with Marc Lindsay

In 2009, I was running CoCA's Belltown Gallery. As the space was a notoriously difficult place to display art (the reason I got involved in the first place), collaborations with the artists were often required to mount a show.

In the case of Marc Lindsay, it was a different obstacle that confronted us. I had invited Marc to show new work without realizing that he had gone (legally) blind since I last saw him.

Nevertheless, we proceeded. Marc came to stay with me, and I sourced the materials, did any required fabrication, masked and painted the works, and Marc inscribed them with his signature markings.

The examples here are the pieces which exhibit my greatest level of artistic collaboration.

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