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Octothorpe's first CD, including 22 of your favorite Octothorpe Song Fight! entries and covers of other Song Fighters' songs.

Information Overload

  • Track List

    Been To China
    A Thousand Swords
    Tracks For Future Practice
    I Can See You
    Do It For Captain
    Red Robot
    Watch Your Face
    Do The Math
    Birds Of Our Own
    Down To The Atom
    Tiny Room
    Is It Cold?
    Video Night
    Alright Alright
    Tracks For Future Practice (cover of Duboce Triangle)
    That's The Spirit
    Yellow Lasers (cover of John Benjamin Band)
    Snow Globe
    Acid Mouth

  • Shipping Info

    Your CD will be shipped by USPS within five days of order. You should have it within ten or so.

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