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3D-printed bio-plastic.

6" x 6" x 0.375", 2020

Mini Gridlock: Elevation

  • Description

    I created these smaller versions of some of the Gridlock series to provide an option for desktops, mantles, and other small places where you might want to have a piece of 3D printed art.

    He was my best man. He started an addition without a permit. He got red-tagged. He needed my help. I negotiated for a re-design in exchange for getting the permit. He already had the materials on site. He said I had to use them in the design, but otherwise, have at it.  For more, see the full-sized piece.

  • Shipping Info

    Artwork will be shipped by USPS within five days of order. You should have it within ten or so. If you've ordered custom colors, it will take a little longer.

  • Customization

    I can make a custom version of this piece in any color combination you like, as long as I have not made one like it before. Every piece is unique!

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