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3D-printed bio-plastic in wood frame.

11" x 11" x 1", 2020

Gridlock: Ongoing Indecision

  • Description

    This is version of the second piece in the series. The original, some 3" larger that the rest of the series, was purchased by John Hornibrook. I decided to create a more series-compliant version to replace it.


    This piece is based on a design excercise in Wendell Lovett's architural design studio at the University of Washington where he asks you to move a number of geometric shapes around inside a shoe box to express various emotions. It is also reminiscent of a series by artist Joan Engelmeyer in which she arranges 3D chairs on encaustic pieces with much the same goal.


    In this case, I see the three shapes as people involved in a variety of different social situations, all within the space of a single room.

  • Shipping Info

    Artwork will be shipped by USPS within five days of order. You should have it within ten or so. If you've ordered custom colors, it will take a little longer.

  • Customization

    I can make a custom version of this piece in any color combination you like, as long as I have not made one like it before. Every piece is unique!

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