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8.5" x 11" | 68 pages | full color | 2014 | Octothorpe Press

13 Towers: Alan Fulle

  • Description

    A collection of Seattle Artist Alan Fulle's Tower Series Sculptures, together with essays by Mike Sweney, Mark Tracy, David Francis, and an interview with Alan and Traver Gallery Founder Bill Traver. Ray C. Freeman III rounds out the volume with a discussion of how Alan's towers are the rightful progeny of his paintings. In the ongoing series of Towers, sculptures are created from blocks of epoxy resin, focusing on the rigid "man-made" or urban aspects of beauty. The focus is on precise form and the relationship between structures as paintings in space. While alternately capturing or reflecting light and creating dense areas of color and focus, these monumental forms bring awareness to our society's continual drive for art and design in our visual landscape. The towers are similar to Alan's Stripe paintings, but put vertically and manifested in 3D.

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