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3D-printed bio-plastic in wood frame.

11" x 11" x 1", 2020

Gridlock: Neko Vitruvian

  • Description

    Available in any colors except those shown (uniqueness, you know). Unlike the other Gridlock pieces, these panels can be re-arranged to "solve" the neko (cat). Also, unlike the others, I can make this in one- or two-colored panels (like the pink and gray shown).

    When I posted the Vitruvian Remix on Facebook, my friend Chris Lambertus asked if I could do one as a cat. While the Vitruvian Remix was done from clip art, and I didn't think Leonardo would mind, I didn't want to steal someone's cat, so I drew my own. I had not intended it to look so much like Garfield, but what can you say, my experience with cats is limited.

    Anyway, I made this one for my friend Reiko's birthday, and that's why you can't have this color scheme. Any other colors are fine. You're unlikely to guess the colors of the first one.

  • Shipping Info

    Because this is a custom piece, artwork will be shipped by USPS within ten days of order. You should have it within fifteen or so. If you've ordered colors that I don't have filament in stock for, it will take a little longer.

  • Customization

    I can make a custom version of this piece in any color combination you like, as long as it's not the colors shown. Every piece is unique!

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