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Octothorpe's third CD, including 22 of your favorite Octothorpe Song Fight! entries and covers of other Song Fighters' songs.

Beer and Salad Days

  • Track List

    Bullseye Girl
    Happy Machine Ankle
    What We Need More Of Is Science
    Bad Attraction
    Too Goth To Rock
    Blueberry Hassle
    Death Plunge
    Across The Dusty Plains
    Step Up
    Merry Christmas
    Goodbye Monster
    Crinkle Binkle
    Unless I Change My Mind
    Level Best
    The Blue Signal
    Dinner For One
    That's Not What I Need
    Danger Bus
    Need Stilts (cover of Bloodberries and Cream)
    Mumbo Jumbo (IRC All-Stars)
    Zombie Son (with the Pathetic Wannabees)

  • Shipping Info

    Your CD will be shipped by USPS within five days of order. You should have it within ten or so.

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