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3D-printed bio-plastic in wood frame.

11" x 11" x 1", 2020

Gridlock: Alternatives

  • Description

    Available in anything OTHER THAN the colors shown, as these have already been sold, and I aim to make each piece unique. Please specify your color scheme. I reserve the right to re-arrange the panels for your piece!


    This was the first design in this series. At this point, I did not have a series in mind. I was simply exploring the modular potential of 3D printing.


    These are little fantasy landscapes that explore issues of texture and scale, and the transformation that occurs when you represent something that large at such a small scale.

  • Shipping Info

    Artwork will be shipped by USPS within ten days of order. You should have it within two weeks or so.

  • Customization

    I can make a custom version of this piece in any color combination you like, as long as I have not made one like it before. Every piece is unique!

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