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I'm In A Real Band!

Nothing against my previous band, Octothorpe, but this is pretty exciting. I used to say on Octothorpe's website "we're an act, not a band", and it was kinda true. The words "acquired taste" were also used from time to time.

This is kinda different. These guys have been playing together for five years, and I'm their third bass player. I guess we're a flaky lot. They (before me) have played at the Perihelion Brewery, where I met them, Tim's Tavern, The Skylark, and Northwest Folklife Festival. We play a mix of Rock, Folk, Blues, and original tunes.

I've been practicing like never before. We practice twice a week for a couple of hours, and in the meanwhile, I have had some forty songs to learn, so I'm at it almost every day. I am not really a "play it by ear" kind of guy, so that means analyzing the chord structures and either looking up or figuring out bass lines. I have watched more than a few "How to play ____ on bass" YouTube videos, and I am ready to go!

I'm helping with publicity and gigs (go figure) as well as playing bass, and I have currently set up shows at the Royal Room (January 12) and Jules Maes Saloon (March 25). We also hope to play Folklife again, as it's going live once again this year.

Maybe I will see you at one of our shows in 2022!

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